We are very happy to present to you our "CLASSIC COLLECTION" today. In the next few lines we want to take you on a little journey on what inspired us to design this collection.

Our intention for this collection was for it to be a collection that sweetens your day. A collection with pieces for your every-day life. Many of us ladies can relate: When you get up in the morning, get dressed and put your make up on, you sometimes need to hurry - especially as a mum. The casual jeans put on and the T-shirt thrown over - right in such moments you often wish to have the perfect accessory hand that makes your outfit stylish and complete.

With these thoughts in our minds we created the CLASSIC COLLECTION. It includes various styles in different colors - and definitely that one piece that makes your "outfit of the day". 

Our vision behind our brand is that everyone who wears a Tiny Little Tribe product also carries that identity of being beautiful and valuable at the same time. This is the message that we wish for you to make it your own belief. We want this message of beauty and identity to be not just a feeling that we feel on special occasions or when we apply our make-up, but to be deeply engraved in our consciousness. Every time you wear your Classic Collection accessory you should be reminded of that.

The Classic Collection includes 8 colors with something for everyone. Each Tiny Little Tribe product is available in these eight colours: the Tiny Twist Headband, the Tiny Turban Headwrap, the Scrunchie and the Tiny Loop. We wish you lots of fun while browsing!


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